Join Our Community

Membership of the Institute is open to African professionals as well as corporate organizations. You are qualified to join the Institute if you are:

(a) An African based in Africa or in the diaspora

(b) A recognized professional – academic, civic leader, scientist, technocrat, educationist, lawyer, environmentalist, politician, pharmacist, accountant, physician, artist, entrepreneur, economist, architect, researcher, diplomat, business leader, etc

(c) Fully convinced of the tenets, values and ideals of Pan-Africanism

(d) A pro-African recommended for outstanding solidarity with Africans and commitment to the development and well-being of Africans; and

(e) One who agrees to volunteer in one or two of the ten commissions, and support the programs and activities of the Institute. Everyone joining the Institute chooses or is assigned to one or two commissions to serve the Institute and Africa. The choice of a commission is informed by your expertise and interests.