Community, Learning, Service


Community, Learning, Service

Who We Are

a multi-sectoral dialogue community standing on the foundation of Pan-Africanism.

The Pan-African Dialogue Institute is a community of professionals and civic leaders and their organizations in Africa and in the diaspora, coming together to contribute to the building of developmental policies and practice in the Continent. As a civil society think tank, the Institute participates in policy formulation, policy analysis, and policy advocacy around social, economic, political, religious and cultural issues, as well as scientific, environmental, educational, legal, gender and business issues, in the interest of sustainable development of the Continent. The Institute seeks to be a broad but unique, inclusive, as well as strategic community that stands firmly on the foundation and pillar of Pan-Africanism.

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What We do

 Our programs and activities are encapsulated in ten commissions created to foster community, learning and service.

Excellence in Pan-Africanism: Theory and Practice

We inspire excellence and best practices in Pan-Africanism; promoting African values of community, hospitality, respect for human dignity, unity in diversity, love and solidarity with all, encapsulated in the philosophy of Ubuntu. On the one hand, we evaluate policies in Africa by the Pan-African threshold, on the other hand, we support our network organizations and individuals in Africa to optimize their development-driven engagements.

Scholarship in Dialogue and Critical Thinking

In collaboration with the Dialogue Institute at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA; and leading universities as well as governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental institutions in and beyond Africa, we promote multi-sectoral studies and cooperation through critical thinking, research and publications. We design, implement and disseminate project analyses to combat socio-cultural challenges that hinder genuine development of the Continent. Let us know how we can be of service to you, your organization or institution. Send us an email:

Multi-Sectoral Dialogue on Policy and Practice

Our dialogue engagement is multi-sectoral – to generate fresh ideas and perspectives on issues around religion, culture, science and technology, environment, economy, law, politics, philosophy, gender, ethnicity, communication and modern information technology, and so on, in Africa; and between Africa and world civilizations in order to inform policy decisions, improve socio-economic and political realities and relationships locally, continentally and internationally. Join us as we engage with the AU 2063 Vision to build a vibrant, peaceful and prosperous continent. Membership page here.

Working with the African Peacemaking Database

We are assisting the development of Africa’s first homegrown database of indigenous and daily peacemaking practices. Currently working in Malawi and Ethiopia, and expanding to the rest of the continent through 2030, our work complements existing international UN peace and justice indexes with a comprehensive people-centered database cataloguing peace at the local levels.

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