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Who We Are

The Pan-African Dialogue Institute is a community of African professionals and civic leaders in different fields of life coming together to contribute to the building of developmental policies and practice in the Continent. As a civil society think tank, the Institute participates in policy formulation, policy analysis, and policy advocacy around social, economic, political, religious and cultural issues, as well as scientific, environmental, educational, legal, gender and business issues, in the interest of sustainable development of the Continent. The Institute seeks to be a broad but unique, inclusive, as well as strategic community that stands firmly on the foundation and pillar of Pan-Africanism.

By fostering a multi-sectoral dialogue, the Institute focuses on the AU Vision and the 2063 roadmap towards the actualization of the vision. As dialogue comprises three basic elements of exchange/interaction, learning and relationship, we engage in open exchange of ideas, and perspectives that engenders knowledge production and sharing. Our members understand that learning is mutual, and achieved through critical and creative thinking. Care is therefore taken to ensure that every knowledge generated through regular exchange and learning activities are aimed at building the African community, strengthening the bond of unity, and prioritizing people over things. Members of the Institute value relationship with one another in the best interest and expression of Pan-African solidarity. Therefore, dialogue is a tool as well as culture in the service of sustainable peace and development of the African continent. Through our scholarship programmes and activities, we broaden perspectives of the application of dialogue to inform continental and international policy decisions; especially, toward facilitating peace and social cohesion in Africa.

Scholars, civic society leaders and professionals in all fields of life as well as organizations engaging in the fields of inter-disciplinary development, dialogue and peacebuilding in Africa and in the diaspora are welcome to join our community.

Our Commissions

The vision of the Institute is implemented through 10 vessels which are called commissions. Commissions are working groups and organs where the regular programs and activities of the Institute are encapsulated. They are:

– Commission on General Education and Pan-African Literacy
– Commission on African Politics, Governance and Foreign Relations
– Commission on Law and Human Rights
– Commission on African Peace and Reconciliation
– Commission on African Women and Gender
– Commission on African Youth Capacity and Development
– Commission on Religions and African Philosophy
– Commission on Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
– Commission on African Society, Business, Art, and Culture
– Commission on Information and Communication Technology.

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