CONTINENTAL DIALOGUE: The Future of Inter-Religious Coexistence

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The Commission on Religions and African Philosophy of The Pan-African Dialogue Institute in collaboration with ReligionNext Foundation for Youth and Peacebuilding invites everyone to the Institute’s Community Dialogue Session holding on Saturday March 25, 2023 by 6am West African Standard Time, via Zoom platform.

This continentwide event is designed to bring together all members of the Institute and the general public for a corporate learning on topical issues. In the March 25 event, the Commission on Religions and African Philosophy in collaboration with ReligionNext Foundation will be presenting a book brief entitled ‘The Future of Inter-Religious Coexistence’. In December, 2022 an interfaith Campus organization based in Nigeria – ReligionNext Foundation for Youth and Peacebuilding – published a book on this title. This will be discussed and the expected outcome is to develop a policy paper for advocacy and publication. The outcome of the event will be a small step towards the achievement of our core mandate. We are a civil society think tank with active interest in formulating, analyzing and advocating for policies in all sectors of the African society, whether social, economic, political, religious, cultural or business issues, and so on.

The panelists at the event include:

Dr. Effiong udo, Nigeria, President of the Institute

Dr. Mutombo N’Sengha, DR Congo, Vice President of the Institute

Barr. Lyka Mtambo, Malawi, is Corporate Secretary of the Institute

Dr. John Bwire, Kenya, Director of Religions & African Philosophy Commission

Mr. Goodnews Akpan, Nigeria, Executive Director of RELIGIONNEXT FOUNDATION.

Mrs. Ann Satterfield, USA, General Theological Seminary in New York.

Community Dialogue Sessions presents opportunities for the Institute members to take a critical look at any matter brought for consideration with a view to taking a policy position that we believe would be in the best interest of our continent. This is one of the practical expressions of our motto, namely, ‘Community, Learning, and Service’. Join us so we can learn and grow together, for no one knows everything about anything, therefore, we dialogue!


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